The Board of Directors of the Mayan League is composed of women and men who are all accomplished individuals including traditional spiritual leaders, elders, philosophers, authors, and advocates.

Felipe Ixcot, President

International Mayan League/USA founding member and member of the Maya Mam Council. He has more than 30 years of advocacy history for the Maya people and the environment.
Maya Mam Nation

Benito Juarez, Vice President

International Mayan League/USA founding member, Oversees the Division of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, City of Houston’s Mayor’s Office.
Maya Mam Nation

Elena Ixcot, Treasurer

Ajq’ij, Kamalbe traditional spiritual elder of the Regional Council of Ancestral Maya Authorities of Guatemala; member of the Advisory Council to the Grand National Council of Ancestral Authorities of the Maya, Garifuna and Xinka of Ixim Ulew; member of the leadership council of the Maya Mam Council of Quetzaltenango; member of Aj Q´ij, Oxlajuj B´e of 8 municipalities of the Mam people in the department of Quetzaltenango; member of the Consultative Group of the Maya Program of the United Nations, Guatemala.
Maya Mam Nation

Malcolm Bell, Secretary

Member of the Solidarity Movement, Member of the Sanctuary Movement of the 1980s, writer and retired lawyer.

Genaro Jacinto Calel, Director

Ajq’ij, traditional spiritual elder, human rights advocate, and advocate for the immigrant community.
Maya Q'anjob'al Nation

Dr. Daniel Eduardo Matul Morales, Director

President of Liga Maya Guatemala, Quetzaltenango- Guatemala; Dr. of Philosophy in Maya Cosmovision; Attorney at law at the University of San Carlos, Guatemala.
Maya K'iche Nation