SUPPORT AN EMERGENCY MAYA DELEGATION TO THE BORDER Whether it's $5, $50, $500, or $5000 - every contribution makes a difference! 

Greetings brothers and sisters:

On this sacred day of 13 Kej - 13 Deer, we greet the four directions calling on our ancestors to help bring light, balance, and dignity back into our world. We are deeply alarmed and saddened by the latest attacks against our brothers and sisters at the border and we call on each of you to help us respond.    

We are preparing to send an Emergency Maya Delegation in the coming weeks to provide indigenous language interpretation and help assess the scope of the needs of our indigenous relatives - but we can’t do it alone. We know this situation is long-term, just like forced migration has been occurring for decades, if not centuries, for indigenous peoples. We have been working with our community for many years, and in the last two years have built up our indigenous interpreter skills and leadership capacity to defend our communities. If you wish to join our efforts, please consider making a donation to the International Mayan League’s project, Language Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Any amount is a tremendous help! We are working with Native attorneys, academics, Maya language interpreters and other experts to organize a delegation to the US/Mexico border because our organization is uniquely positioned to respond to the particular needs of indigenous families lost in the immigration crisis.   What many of our founding members and current board experienced in the 1980s: forced migration, persecution, refugee camps, exile and sanctuary - is a history that is reborn today. We cannot allow this to happen again, donate now!

The escalating human rights violations at the border have caught media attention and created broader awareness of immigrants’ rights but have shed very little light on our indigenous relatives. They have remained invisible in plain sight because the dominant narrative has mislabeled them as Latino or Hispanic. There is a deep misconception and confusion about our people amounting to a lack of awareness that we are part of the wave of forced migration, resulting in a critical void in specific resources and tailored assistance.  Very little concrete information about our indigenous peoples and forced migration is available, and virtually no data indicating our numbers in the United States or within the immigration crisis is being collected. Our particular needs and priorities cannot adequately be met without a delegation such as ours.

Our goal for an Emergency Maya Delegation is twofold. We will support a team comprised of Maya leaders and technical support to assist with needed interpretation at the border, without indigenous language support, asylum cases are less likely to move through the system.   Beyond interpretation, our team will begin to assess the needs faced by our indigenous relatives and the size of our community.  Having information is critical to adequately respond in a strategic way grounded in our rights, history and culture. Support our Maya interpretation and technical support team!


The Mayan League is uniquely equipped to provide critical and urgent support at this time. Our organization was created in the 90s by refugee Maya men and women, and allied brothers and sisters from the sanctuary movement to collectively respond to the human rights crisis in Guatemala and generally, in Central America. As times have changed, cycles of oppression have remained constant. Our leadership is comprised of indigenous leaders and we are grassroots and volunteer driven. We know from our lived experiences the horrors which have affected our countries of origin, the human rights violations occurring at the border and are able to help from our historical knowledge and cultural understanding to best respond to this ongoing regional crisis.

Thank you for your generosity and support! Make a tax-deductible donation to the International Mayan League and help defend Mother Earth, Human Rights and Future Generations! Please consider providing a donation of any amount.

Chjonte, Gracias, Thank you!

If you have questions or need assistance with making a donation, contact Juanita Cabrera Lopez at