The work of the Mayan League is guided by the knowledge and teachings of our elders and ancestors to respect and care for Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

 Guided by this vision we want to share these values with all of humanity and help raise awareness of the detrimental treatment we have given to the earth and the cosmos. Our work and priorities are guided by the vision and practices of our spiritual and traditional leaders, elders, and authorities in order to address the root causes contributing to discrimination, inequality, and oppression of the Maya and the destruction of our communities and environment. We work closely with our Nation and support the process of our unity for the good of our peoples and our earth.  We join in partnerships with allies from other indigenous nations, human rights organizations, academics, scholars, scientists, and faith based communities to stand in solidarity with the struggle of our peoples protecting the earth.  Jointly we address the many critical issues affecting not just the Maya but all of humanity and Mother Earth. 

They came together and held council in the darkness and in the night, then they searched and discussed, and here they reflected and thought. In this way their decisions came out in clear light.”
— Pop Wuj